Our Core Technology

We compare documents with other documents around the world – manually, this would take forever.

PlagScan has developed an advanced algorithm to search numerous digital sources for semantically related documents through an encrypted connection (256-bit SSL). We examine the internet, publisher databases, your own documents (optionally), as well as the Plagiarism Prevention Pool to search for duplicated content.



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Our Algorithm

Three consecutive word matches constitute the basic element of our plagiarism detection algorithm to ultimately find plagiarism despite the text being reordered or containing synonyms.

At the end of the detection process, we apply artificial intelligence to identify direct quotations, insignificantly small matches and whitelisted content, in order to present you with the most comprehensive result.


Our Sources

Our in-house indexing technology based on Apache Solr™ identifies matches through:

  • Collusion checking with your own documents
  • Documents from other participants of the PPP  ....
  • Publisher databases
  • Online content

Note: We use Microsoft's Bing Search to enhance our web crawling for digital contents. The procedure provides us with the broadest and latest contents available on the internet.

After the examination of sources, we extract thousands of semantically similar texts and carefully scan them for matches within your document.

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Technology Made in Germany

PlagScan’s headquarters are located in Germany, where we also host our servers and core software development. As a German-based company, we comply 100% with the Federal German Data Protection Act and strive to safeguard copyrighted content. 

Our DNA carries the “German engineering gene,” which always aims for the highest possible level of quality.

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