Different Views and Formats

Different Views and Formats Tue, 08/08/2017 - 15:54

Different Views and Formats

PlagScan’s plagiarism report can be viewed in four different formats. You can find those in the right upper corner in the report:

 View as List:

This view contains a complete overview of the matches and sources of the document. 

 Show text-only version (View within text):

A simple format of the report, which works best for slow network connections.

 Download as PDF:

Receive a PDF version of the report, which refers to sources on top of the document.

 Word Document (docx) with annotations:

Download the report as Word document, containing sources on the side of the text via commenting function. 


This format is beneficial if you uploaded your document as Word file already. 

 Original Document

Download the original document before being checked for plagiarism.


Share your results with your entire organization or with specific colleagues by sending them a link that accesses the report.

As document owner, you can allow the other user to make modifications to a report. By clicking on the Share button, a popup dialog window opens. In that window, you can search by username or email address of the user you want to share your document with.

On the right side of the search box, you will find two icons (select the desired option by clicking on the drop-down).

  • If you want the other user to only view the report, click on the icon in a form of an eye.
  • If you want the other user to edit the report, click on the icon in a form of a pen

Note that the user must be a registered PlagScan member of your organization. 

In the share popup window, you will also find an overview of all users, which currently have a personalized share access to the document, including the mode (view/edit) and the option to delete (x) a share permission.