Highlights in the Report

Highlights in the Report Tue, 08/08/2017 - 16:02

Highlights in the Report

PlagScan uses colored highlighting to illustrate potential plagiarism and citations. 

The highlighted passages are listed in cohesion to the Source List. 
For example, if you click on a red passage, you will notice that also the matching source will be highlighted.

There are three different colours for the sources:


Exact matches with the sources.


Matches that might have been paraphrased. 


Matches that PlagScan acknowledged as quotes. 

Edit Highlighting

Multiple ways enable you to edit highlighting within the report.

Remove Red Highlighting

If you disagree with the suggested red highlights, you can easily remove them:

  1. Select the red text passage. 
  2. Click on Remove marking in the blue top bar.
  3. Confirm your changes by clicking on Save changes.

The match remains listed in the source list but won’t influence the PlagLevel. 

Whether or not text has been plagiarized can only be decided by you or the person who is reviewing the report. PlagScan refers to the similarities between the document and the found sources. In case of doubt, a manual comparison is indispensable.

Define Highlights as Quotes

Follow these steps to identify a properly cited text passage:

  1. Select the passage.
  2. Click on Citation in the blue top bar.
  3. The selected text is now highlighted in green.
  4. Confirm your changes by clicking on Save changes.

Depending on your Settings (under ‘Advanced options' > Citation detection), green passages may not influence your PlagLevel.