German Sport University Cologne - Encouraging scientific writing, raising awareness, and preventing plagiarism

"Enhanced awareness fosters academic standards and supports scientific writing!"

- Dr. Barbara Jesse

Dr. Barbara Jesse

Why does the DSHS recommend PlagScan?

PlagScan is more than just about finding plagiarism. Assessed on the example of the DSHS, the software can be used as educational tool, raising awareness towards proper academic writing and scientific thinking. An integration of PlagScan into the school system quickly improves any curriculum. The service supports every student’s writing skills, without requiring additional time from the staff’s side.

Which product does the DSHS use?

Plagscan-in-a-BOX and a variety of different scripts.

The Problem: Quality consistency

The GSU has gained worldwide recognition as university and research institution, providing corporations like the DFB, Nike, Adidas, etc. with the latest insights revolving around the science of sports. A degree from the GSU is an attractive asset and globally valued. However, maintaining the quality constancy was a constant challenge and has been reflecting an unstable problem in the past.

The improvement of quality consistency was in discussion for a long time. The IT management, as well as the quality management, professors, and students agreed on the implementation of a solution. After testing several different plagiarism detection software, PlagScan was chosen as the favorite and has been used ever since. According to Dr. Barbara Jesse, quality management associate of the DSHS, everybody is very pleased with the results so far.

The Solution: Complete Integration in all examination regulations

PlagScan was integrated in the internal quality management system. The service is available through the GSU homepage with college ID, provided to students, professors, and staff. All Freshmen receive an orientation about the use of PlagScan, and can participate in workshops, or acquire help from selected contact partners. The provided guidelines help students to learn how to utilize PlagScan the most efficient way.

The Results: Encourage scientific writing, raise awareness, and prevent plagiarism

The integration in all examination regulations enforces students to work self dependent and responsible. They are supposed to monitor and test their own writings, without employing their professors’ time.

All students are required to include a signed plagiarism report of their writing when they submit their academic work. Most students aim for the best possible grades and therefore put more effort in their work. A soft pressure stimulates the students to grapple with correct citations and quotations. They know plagiarism decreases the quality of their performance and will lower their grade. The mental examination of scientific text in order to create own content strengthens the students’ understanding and critical thinking skills.

Relieving the staff

Testing every single paper for plagiarism is one of the most time-consuming evaluations possible. Usually papers get checked at random selection, which is not an efficient way to find plagiarism. PlagScan enables the automatic investigation of multiple papers within a short period of time, which relieves a professor’s time significantly.

PlagScan compares all papers against the internet, as well as the internal GSU archive, in which all previous papers are saved anonymously. Furthermore, PlagScan includes all documents in of the internal DSHS server and the research-information system in the investigation of papers.