Lily's Plagiarism Report:

Lily checks her students' papers on a regular basis. In her literature class, she assigns book reports or creative assignments that should reflect her students' independent writing. That's why she was pleased to see that James' poem was an original. Furthermore, she helped him to investigate the poem of a fellow poetry slam participant. Here, Lily guides him through the report. 


She gives us an insight into the report and how to be more accurate and effective in grading papers.


The PlagLevel helps her to identify the amount of potential plagiarism in her documents within seconds. A source list provides her with a visual aid to find all sources that match the content of her documents.



Instead of spending hours on entering content manually into search engines to find duplicates, she can easily upload all her documents at once and check them with just a few clicks.



She analyzes and makes changes to the browser bar. She is using her keyboard to navigate through her reports and customize her individual settings.



She leaves comments and shares the papers with her students to further the collaboration and to discuss results.



She exports her report locally as a Word data. However, she could download it as  PDF files or view her report as a list and text for slow network connections.



She extends the plagiarism investigation to other sources for collusion checking. She excludes sources by using the Whitelist and then adapts her settings to accommodate her workflow.


Lily shows James his first steps to analyze his report

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Clear overview with the PlagLevel  

Image of Plag Level without explanation

The Plag Level is an estimate of how much content within a document is plagiarized. In order to indicate if a document requires in-depth investigation, PlagScan calculates the percentage of duplicated content.

Analyze with simple colored highlighting

set of icons to illustrate the highlighting colors

Reading and understanding reports are easy! PlagScan's report includes highlighting in the colors red, blue and green to illustrate potential plagiarism, paraphrasing and citations. 

The highlighted matches are listed with reference to the source list. By clicking on the number of a source in the left-hand source list, she can view the longest match with that source, which will then be marked in yellow.


 Easy analysis of the sources


Close screenshot of the sources in English


She can find the location of the matching sources in the source list. The category indicates whether the source is a match from the web or from other databases. By following the link to the source, she can see the matches directly in the source text.

Navigate through the matches with efficiency

Screenshots of the plagbar and the navigation bar - EN

She navigates through the matches and finds corresponding sources quickly.

She clicks on the PlagBar to see the desired match and uses the arrows of the browser bar below the PlagBar to move from one match to another. 

Priority to collaboration

set of icons to illustrate the possibilities of collaboration

She does not need to download your report anymore —  she just shares the report link to grant commenting, editing or reading access to others.

she could collaborate and interact with his student James directly by leaving comments, reading his comments or responding to them. 

She adapts her plagiarism detection to her needs

After this first check, she realizes how the report supports original writing. she decides to investigate more how to further her analysis. 

Here are the other steps she founds out that you can take in order to tailor your plagiarism check.

Different Investigations With Different Views 

Set of two icons to illustrate how users can download their plagiarism report

Sometimes, Lily prefers to work offline. The PlagScan plagiarism report is available to download as a PDF or a Word file. Both formats contain the sources displayed on the interactive browser report.

 PlagScan offers other online views aside from the interactive report. If she wishes for a complete overview of the matches and sources, she can read the PlagScan report as a list. For slow connections, the report is also available as a text.

Extend the Check to Other Sources

Set of icons to illustrate how users can extend their sources for their plagiarism check

PlagScan helps her compare her current documents with her past documents. She just uploads them to the document manager and lets PlagScan handle the rest.

Furthermore, PlagScan has an internal database, the Plagiarism Prevention Pool: This collective archive is a database of documents submitted to PlagScan by other institutions. She enjoys the benefit of this database while maintaining anonymity and data security.

Use the Whitelist Features to Exclude Sources

Set of icons to illustrate the whitelist feature

She can use the Whitelist feature if she wants to disregard certain websites or sources in the plagiarism check. she simply enters the URLs of the websites, URLs+ for entire domains or the specific phrases she wants to exclude by adding them to your administration area. That way, they will not be considered in the next document check.

James passion for poetry let him study literature and he became a professor. He opted for a submission portal for hassle-free management of assignments.


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