Here the 6 reasons why you should use PlagScan’s Plagiarism Report to promote the growth of original writers and critical thinkers in your organization.


The Plagiarism Level helps you to immediately identify the percentage of matched text in a document. A complete list of matched sources provides you with an overview of where the content of your document comes from.



Instead of spending hours manually searching on Google for suspicious content that you think was plagiarized and used in the received document, you can just upload one or more documents to PlagScan and check their authenticity. Detecting plagiarism will take just a few clicks.



We highlight all the matches between the text in your document and all our sources, including web and internal sources. You can easily navigate the full report and jump from one matched section to the other. Every match can be inspected, deleted or adapted to reflect whether they are a forgotten citation or original content, and you can also add comments to them.



You can share the plagiarism reports with your students, giving them feedback on their work, as well as with other professors and assistants, allowing them to comment and collaborate with your final report analysis. Read more



Work offline on your computer by exporting the plagiarism report as a Word or PDF document. Exported reports have all the features you need from online reports: They preserve the original formatting, have the plagiarism level, the complete source list, and a reference to each match.



Extend the plagiarism comparison to other sources beyond the web by checking them also against your repository, where documents that you or your organization have already uploaded on PlagScan are available for cross-checking. You can also exclude websites or documents from being used as sources by whitelisting them. This way, they will not be used as sources, and therefore not shown as matches.


First steps with PlagScan's plagiarism report. How to interpret the report correctly.


Demo Report


First steps of your evaluation of the plagiarism report

Have a first impression of you reports with the Plagiarism Level

Image of Plag Level without explanation

The Plagiarism Level is the percentage of text within a document that has been matched to another source. This function is to assist you to by indicating where a document may require further investigation.

Identify different type of matches with colored highlighting

set of icons to illustrate the highlighting colors

Reading and understanding the Plagiarism Report is intuitive and includes clear highlights in different colors, one for each purpose: red indicates you have matches, blue indicates you have potentially modified text, and green indicates proper citations. Read more

Review the sources

Close screenshot of the sources in English

Find all sources on a Source List, where matched websites or documents are categorized accordingly to indicate whether the source is a similitude from the web, from your previously submitted documents, from your organization repository or from the Plagiarism Prevention Pool. Every match is listed with reference to its sources, so that by clicking on it you can view your report side-by-side with the original source, jumping directly to the matched text, allowing you to make further decisions.

Use the “side-by-side” view to compare your document and it's matches at the same time.

Instead of dealing with multiple windows or tabs in the browser and having to switch back and forth to compare documents, you can now see matches and their corresponding sources in a side-by-side view. The checked document is on the left side and the source containing the match on the right side.


  • Comparing matched similarities in their original context often helps to decide whether plagiarism was intentional or not, and gives you a better perspective on how to grade the paper later on.
  • Each person reviews his or her papers differently. Some people like to analyze their sources by reading the full page without distractions, some others want to read the highlights in the document with the corresponding match and the side. We give you the flexibility to choose what is best for you.
Screenshot of split view

Collaborate to improve your workflow

The Plagiarism Report is built not only to support you but also to allow collaboration with your assistant or students.


  • Share the plagiarism report with other students, instructors, groups (i.e. classes), or the whole organization. You can also use a one-click share-link to share it with those who do not have a PlagScan account. Sharing rights can be removed at any time.
  • Depending on how you set your PlagScan policies, teachers and students have full control of who can access or edit documents with group-wide permission levels.
  • When receiving a comment from the instructor, students are able to respond to that comment and initiate a conversation directly on the report.
  • If you want to know more about the students feedback functionalities, have a look at our video.


We want you to have the best experience possible. If you need a tour of our functionalities, contact us now, and we will be happy to run a live demonstration.

Nothing escapes our report: Cheating and obfuscation detection

If you search online for how to cheat plagiarism-checkers, the top suggestion is to replace characters with similar looking ones from a different alphabet. But PlagScan is able to identify these tricks also known as obfuscation techniques. Some of them consist of adding white numbers or characters instead of the spaces between words. Others mix Cyrillic letters with Latin letters to avoid being caught for plagiarism. For the human eye, this is difficult to catch. If a case like this is detected, we will show a warning to you on the report so that you are aware that something is suspicious about that document. To support academic integrity and protect original texts from hardworking students, PlagScan is there to support you and to guarantee peace of mind. More here

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