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More flexibility

Our PlagScan Pro solutions are tailored to business needs. Our 30 days monthly package renews automatically and is a convenient way to use our service for your business. You can choose to stop your subscription anytime for the following month. Just click on the contact us button below!

If you run out of credit prior to the 30-day period, you can enable our auto-refill feature, which refills the same credit amount automatically to your account with a new 30-day validity. 

Payment Methods

 Credit Card


Your PlagScan account will be credited as soon as soon we receive your payment. 

100% Money−Back Guarantee

We are sure you will be satisfied with our product. If not, we offer you a full refund for your purchase. If you haven’t used any credits, you can request a full refund within the first two weeks – no questions asked. If you have used some credits and still want a refund, please write a brief explanation by clicking on the contact us button below. We appreciate your feedback!

Here is more information about our Terms of Service.

Calculation of usage

We base our package calculation on a default of 250 words per page. Eventually, one consumes credits by the number of words in an analyzed document. We settle this via a credit system, in which 1 point allows the analysis of 100 words or fraction thereof per document (1-1000 words = 10 credits, 1001-1100 words = 11 credits, 1101-1200 words = 12 credits, etc.).


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