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PlagScan fo Universities is designed for organizations in higher education. Our longtime experience with professors and students has helped us develop the perfect solution that comes with versatile features to fulfill your specific requirements.

Choose PlagScan for Universities and help students to become creative writers and better thinkers!
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We offer two different pricing models:



1. Campus license

For the whole university

  • This is interesting for anyone checking work across all departments
  • Please provide us with the FTE (full-time equivalents) number of students and we will help you with your custom quote
    • If possible also add an official reference (e.g. your university website) where your FTE number is indicated.


2. Department license

For single departments / faculties / institutes  (or any other custom usage, which does not fit to the campus license)

  • This is interesting for any scenario, where you do not want to introduce a global plagiarism checker solution for your university (yet).
  • Please provide us with an estimate as of how much text you want to check for plagiarism per year:
    • number of documents
    • average size per document type

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