University of Port Harcourt - Increasing the Quality of Education and Overall Rating

"Automatic sharing of the results through the interface is an outstanding feature we make use of."

- Dr. Briggs

Why have you decided to apply an anti-plagiarism software?

We needed to check the originality of the work of our postgraduate students, particularly to check the dissertations/ theses they submit and PlagScan was the solution that was fitting our needs.

Why did you decide for PlagScan?

We decided to introduce PlagScan to the Institution because of its user-friendly interface and easy result interpretation. Furthermore, automatic sharing of the results with our students through the interface is an outstanding feature we make use of.

What in particular do you like about PlagScan?

What we like the most is that it highlights the possible plagiarized text, possible paraphrase text and the links of such materials of the highlighted text.

How is PlagScan being used in your organization?

PlagScan is basically used to validate student’s claim on their thesis/dissertation that is plagiarism free and meet the tolerant plagiarism level of the institution (it is basically done in the IPTTO unit of the institution).

Are you using our browser interface or a LMS/ CMS PlugIn?

The institute only uses the PlagScan browser interface.

Are you checking all of your students/authors or just a suspicious sample? - Why do you go for that approach?

We check postgraduate students’ work, and ensure that it is plagiarism free.

To what do degree can you already see/measure an effect of using PlagScan? How does your organization profit?

Our institution was able to spot out post graduate students who were involved in plagiarism and related matters. This has been a great benefit to the graduate school, in terms of plagiarism embarrassment and possibly litigation. The school now operates on zero plagiarism level on all graduate study program now, which in turn increases the quality of education and overall rating of our institution.