4 Reasons to Become a PlagScan Reseller Partner

Fair Commission

A partnership commission plan that takes your personal preferences, market standards and your dedication into consideration. 


Recurring payouts

A form of commission with which you choose a payout concept of your preference. We offer different methods of payment to achieve a smooth transfer of your earnings that works for you.


Dedicated Partner Manager

A direct contact for any inquiry you may have in relation with your PlagScan partnership. We are there to help and are open for any suggestion or inquiry.


Free Training

We provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to communicate PlagScan as a whole with your customers. All this comes in the form of video training and marketing materials.


By partnering with PlagScan, you start a journey that has the following motives in every aspect of the business:

  • Promote education

A lack of respect for intellectual property is a growing problem in today's academic environment. We want to change that by developing better ways of detecting and discouraging plagiarism.

  • Give credit where credit is due

Using someone else’s words without giving them credit is unacceptable. Today, a vast amount of text is available online to everyone, making it very easy to plagiarize through cut-and-paste. What is needed is a transparent and efficient solution to safeguard the work of the original author, as well to protect the integrity of the educational process.

  • Establish a fair standard

Some have criticized automated plagiarism checking by claiming that it puts all those investigated under a generalized cloud of suspicion, even where there is no obvious evidence of wrongdoing. A fair standard applied across the board will help to significantly decrease incidents of plagiarism, while simultaneously increasing original content creation.

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