University of Zurich - Master Theses and Dissertations Examined to Maintain Excellent Educational Quality

"PlagScan was perfectly integrated into our digital infrastructure. The PlagScan team provided friendly support throughout the entire process and are always accessible."

- Franziska Moll

Why did the UZH choose PlagScan and how is the software being used?
In order to keep up with the latest technological advances in education, the UZH decided in 2017 to test various plagiarism software providers to find the most suitable software. During the research process, financial, legal and technological aspects were evaluated.

"In addition to the user-friendliness of the software, data protection aspects were particularly important to us," said Franziska Moll, a legal assistant at UZH. "With the PlagScan-in-a-BOX solution we can optimally fulfill our duty of care in this respect."

PlagScan-in-a-BOX enabled the UZH to integrate the software into its own data center. Therefore, no data or documents ever leave the local server.

Which kind of student work is being tested?
For the university, quality and independence are important standards for the examination performance of students. Instructors regularly remind students of the principles of academic honesty and the correct handling of others’ intellectual property. Nevertheless, such reminders are not enough to completely prevent plagiarism incidents.

For regular work, lecturers themselves check the students’ documents and notice plagiarism when, for example, a change in writing style occurs. Lecturers can also make use of the PlagScan software if needed. However, the university checks all major academic work with PlagScan.

"Master's theses and dissertations stored in the Zurich Open Repository and Archive are always being checked with PlagScan," said Moll. "Furthermore, the plagiarism reports generated by the software serve as a tool for the lecturers to come to an assessment."

Which services benefited the UZH?
PlagScan has been fully integrated into UZH's Learning Management System and the lecturer's workflow. The UZH praised PlagScan's customer service and goodwill.

"PlagScan was integrated perfectly into our digital infrastructure," Moll said. "In addition, the PlagScan team provided friendly support throughout the entire process and are always accessible."