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References from Schools

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Dr. Andreas Kemper

Teacher - Gymnasium Lohmar

The comparison and report presentation is amazing. We use PlagScan for all our exams and internship reports.

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Urs Jenny

Lecturer - Swiss Police Institute

For our needs this tool is absolutely ideal and very user-friendly. Being able to upload and compare documents with each other online is the key feature.


References from Universities

Dr. Ahmad Javaid

Dr. Ahmad Javaid

Assistant Professor - The University of Toledo

PlagScan is the most convincing software. Get answers within hours. Highly recommended!

Christian Fichter

Prof. Dr. Christian Fichter

Head of Research and Development - University of Applied Sciences Kalaidos

PlagScan is the most convincing software. The courteous service is unparalleled and working with the service is easy and intuitive.


References from Businesses

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Tracy Gimpel

Director of Content - BlackFinMarketing

PlagScan has been a life-saver for our firm.

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Dr. Ibrahim Eldaghayes

Editor-in-Chief - Open Veterinary Journal

Excellent and easy to use software that Open Veterinary Journal would recommend to all interested people and organizations.