Learn how to review and manage your contract data and global settings for your organization account.

General Data

Here you will find an overview of the current status of your organization account. For example, you can see at a glance how many users already exist in your organization.

To get to the respective settings, simply click on the corresponding area.

  • PlagScan Banner

    You can place our banner on your website and receive a 5% discount! Just let us know the link to your website.

    1. Click on PlagScan Banner to open the proper dropdown menu.
    2. Open the Banner site in a new tab on your browser.
    3. Select the banner you want to display on your website.
    4. Copy the HTML code. This code is embeddable into your website.

    When that’s done, please send us your website link to receive the 5% discount:

    1. Copy the URL of the website that displays our PlagScan banner.
    2. Click the area next to URL.
    3. Paste the copied URL.
    4. Test if the URL works and if the banner is actually visible on your website.
    5. Click on Save changes.
  • Contract information

    Here you can see your current contract period, your PlagScan contract type or how much credit (PlagPoints) you have left. The information displayed here depends on your contract type and may vary.

Billing details

Here you can find all the information you need related to billing.

  • Invoices

    If you have any invoices, whether outstanding or paid, you will find them on this drop-down menu where you can open them for viewing, downloading or printing. Outstanding invoices can be also paid directly through the dialog box if your payment method of choice is PayPal or credit card. For other payment methods, you will find more information on the invoices themselves.

  • Billing address

    Here you can always change your contact information and enter the postal address which is to be used for the invoices.

  • Billing dispatch

    Note that this sub-section will only be shown if you have an active contract with PlagScan. Here you have the option to select how you would prefer to receive your invoices:

    • Electronic dispatch (Enter the email address which you would like all billing related emails to be sent to. You may choose an email different from your administrator email.)

    • Postal dispatch (The address that you have entered in the billing address section will be used to dispatch the invoices to by mail. Note: postage charges may be incurred for this service)

  • Payment method

    • Bank transfer (Transfers conveyed via banks. These transfers are usually processed within 3-4 working days)

    • PayPal / Credit Card (You can pay directly through your PayPal account or your credit card. With this method you also have the possibility to Autopay. If selected, you can pay future invoices of your PlagScan subscription automatically. Your card data will thereby be securely stored with our fully PCI compliant payment service provider.)

    • SEPA Direct debit (This option is only available to countries that have signed the “Single Euro Payment Area” agreement. With this method you allow us to automatically debit outstanding invoices from your account.)

Global policies

Here you determine policies, which are binding for every user and cannot be changed by them:

  • Notifications sent to your organization's users
  • Document policies for your organization’s repository
  • Password policies
  • Data access management