Duale Hochschule Baden Württemberg - Commendable Data Security and Copyright Regulations via API

"The Moodle Integration is a 'Killer Application'."

- Andreas Stöffer

Why does the DHBW recommend PlagScan?

Many professors have been recommending PlagScan because of its commendable data security and copyright regulations. We can only confirm PlagScan’s dedication to data security. The product PlagScan-in-a-BOX meets strict security regulations. Additionally, PlagScan offers quick support and has provided competent and flexible solutions to any occurring problems. PlagScan’s CEO Markus Goldbach personally made sure that our institution was satisfied with the product and personally served explanations and innovative service solutions.

How we use PlagScan

We are currently working on the implementation of PlagScan in our Moodle system. From IT perspective, this is a major step toward advancement. Our most important goal was to achieve the mass scanning of assignments within a short amount of time. The PlagScan reports provide great insight into the results and provide a visual, in-depth analysis of each assignment with direct links to matching sources. Our professors have been very pleased with the product and the reports. The SSO between our Moodle and PlagScan has been realized and staff members are currently assigned to the different roles, exploring the different opportunities that come with each role. The Moodle Integration is a 'Killer Application. An additional script enabled us to integrate 6000 documents through the API Plugin.

The decision process

We evaluated the following six plagiarism scanners:

  • Turnitin
  • Urkund
  • Ephorus
  • Crot
  • PlagAware
  • PlagScan

Which criteria were evaluated?

  • Potential integration via API in Moodle 2.x.
  • Potential integration in our own IT-infrastructure and in-house hosting in our data center.
  • Collision check and indexing of archives [about 6000 documents in one department (Social Work)].
  • Compatibility with the European data security regulations.
  • Easy user interface for instructors.
  • Competent and straightforward support and customer service.

After a distinctive test phase, PlagScan quickly proved to meet all the criteria the best ways.

The results of the plagiarism reports, which compared the uploaded documents with internet sources as well as our internal archives, were most accurate and compelling. Our professors particularly favored to use the Word reports and their comment functionality. Furthermore, we are pleased about the collision check, in which previously uploaded documents are included into the plagiarism scanning.

About the Moodle integration

The PlagScan team provided great support during the integration process. Even though it was an easy integration, the authentication was a little more complex because we have been using OpenLDAP and Shibboleth-technology. Everything turned out to work perfectly fine though: Every professor can generate their own user account after logging in to PlagScan.

We would love to provide PlagScan with a follow-up review after the integration phase, as soon as the service has completely settled into the workflow.