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PlagScan’s Product Guidelines: Copyright Protection, Integrity, and Privacy

Copyright Protection

Stealing intellectual property is just as much considered theft as stealing physical property. Often, people aren’t aware of the fact that ideas and words can be owned by someone, which causes both, intentional and unintentional plagiarism. The owner of property deserves the protection of it.

At PlagScan, we value ownership and try to protect intellectual property to the best of our abilities.


Integrity is an undisputable value. We put it on the top of our flag and want to help others to retain it in their organization, be it in academics or business.


In an era in which it is easy to access other’s documents, we stand for full control and protection of data.


How PlagScan Became a Top-Notch Solution

The Technology that saves the day

The founders Markus Goldbach and Johannes Knabe launched the software in 2009 with the mission to improve the quality of teaching by helping instructors to save time on plagiarism search.

The fire was sparked by the following incident:

"Johannes' wife is a teacher at a secondary school. In early 2009 she came home with essays from students. One of them was a 1-to-1 copy from Wikipedia. Not even the formatting was changed, so that was easy to spot. 

But this spurred her interest and she investigated all the essays for plagiarism in detail to treat everybody equally. On closer inspection, she found also others had copied. People she would have never suspected: however a little smarter and harder to detect.

That night, the idea for PlagScan was born: an automatical plagiarism checker for all texts to set a fair standard for all and to improve the quality of teaching and research."

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Company Development

This drove the development of ‘cutting-edge’ algorithms in the area of full-text comparisons. PlagScan could increase its user base quickly and helped raise awareness of plagiarism around the world.

Alongside, the team of PlagScan (TOPS for insiders) has been growing (link to Our team page) into a dynamic and diverse bunch with international members from all around the world with the common goal to contribute to the improvement of education.

In 2013 PlagScan’s webservice was awarded first place in multiple comparison tests and is well perceived by the global press (press page).

PlagScan operates in four languages with customers from all over the world. More than 1,200 organization customers and 1 mio. students trust our service. Every day, thousands of users utilize our software to identify plagiarism.

As a Germany-based company, we follow a strict data protection policy.

Our software is being used globally and has established a worldwide reputation as one of the most efficient plagiarism detection tools. 


Our Motivation

To give credit where credit is due

Using someone else’s words without giving credit to the original author/creator in order to promote oneself is unacceptable. Today, a vast amount of text is available online to everyone, which can simply be copied and pasted. You need to use a transparent and efficient solution to safeguard your work.

Promote education

It gets apparent today that the awareness about theft of thoughts is lacking. We want to change that by developing means to avoid plagiarism.

By supporting teachers with plagiarism prevention, we also help them by freeing up more time for their pedagogical goals. When students understand, that they have to write their work themselves, they will actually develop the creative writing and critical thinking skills for a successful career.

One fair standard

We do face the criticism that employing a plagiarism checker without any indications puts all investigated authors under general suspicion.

Is the installment of a security camera insinuating that everyone is a threat? We believe everyone should get the same chance to work on the same level. One fair standard applied to all will help to significantly decrease text plagiarism and increase original content creation.


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