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"I like the way PlagScan detects plagiarism in a comprehensive way giving you links to the potential source also."

- Usmani Adnan

Why have you decided to apply anti-plagiarism software?

We receive manuscripts for editing and possible publications. We need to check them for authenticity and maintain academic integrity and our brand reputation.

Why did you decide for PlagScan?

Before trying PlagScan, I tried many other services but ultimately I settled for PlagScan as I found it more comprehensive.

What in particular do you like about PlagScan?

I like the way it detects plagiarism in a comprehensive way giving you links to the potential source also. Being an admin I can set policies to use the service appropriately. Another reason for using it is the report function that can be generated in PDF as well as Word.

How is PlagScan being used in your organization?

We are a scholarly publishing and academic service. We are using it for the manuscripts we receive for language editing as well as for the manuscripts received for publishing in our own journals. Sometimes, a client sends us his paper only for plagiarism detection as they trust our service that we provide through PlagScan.

Are you using our browser interface or a LMS/CMS PlugIn?

We use browser interface at the moment but in future we may go for CMS Plugin.

Are you checking all of your students/ authors or just a suspicious sample? Why do you go for that approach?

We check all contents that are supposed to go to a journal publications but for language editing service, we use PlagScan if it's opted by the client during the service request. The reason; scholarly journals are required to maintain their integrity so all manuscripts are scanned. For individual clients, if they don't opt the plagiarism detection service, we don't scan their paper for plagiarism.

To what do degree can you already see/ measure an effect of using PlagScan? How does your organization profit?

PlagScan is not really costly as compared to other plagiarism detection service. We used another software for some time but it was quite expensive and we were looking for an alternative that works in the similar fashion. We feel more than satisfied with the cost and functionality of PlagScan and even recently I delivered a short presentation to my colleagues at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and indicated that PlagScan is the best alternative to other expensive services. But I use it for my business activities at Sofia Fields Ltd.