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Check for plagiarism - free, automatic and efficient duplicate content analysis. This is a service for teachers of Schools, Colleges and Universities that want to check assignments and papers for passages plagiarized from the Internet. We advise pupils and students against optimizing their homework here until plagiarism is no longer detected - there is more than one plagiarism detection software and techniques vary.
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Plagiarism detection for all texts
The Internet makes plagiarism a bigger problem than ever. Now you can turn the tables on them and find the "forgotten" sources! You no longer have to try single sentences in search engines: takes a whole text, automatically extracts its unique signatures and searches the Internet for them, efficiently detecting plagiarism.
Check for plagiarism online - no need to install software.
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What does do
Copy and Paste from Wikipedia or "Shake & Paste" from several sources instead of independent writing is increasingly a problem. Luckily we can deduce from Zipf's law that texts or even phrases have their own, retrievable signature. (Broadly speaking the law says that some words are found very often while most rarely occur - which is amplified for combinations.) Of course computers can be fooled, but it is hard work to fudge text signatures, so research with is the smart way to check for duplicate content.

  • First click the button "   Check  Text   "
  • Choose a file to upload, in the formats MS Word (.doc/ .docx), HTML (.htm) or text (.txt) - via "Save As" almost all programs support these formats
    • After clicking "Upload" the document appears in the text box
    • Alternatively you can copy & paste text directly into the text box
  • With "Start Analysis" the source search begins - You will be updated about the progress continuously, search takes about 1 minute per document
  • The first search returns Internet sources matching your document, with results ordered by estimated relevance
  • During deep search the results are further filtered; the signature similarity is calculated and the conspicuous passages are shown
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