PlagScan Banner

Boost your image by letting everyone know that you use the very best in plagiarism detection software! You can easily place a PlagScan banner on your organization's website and receive an additional 5% discount on your PlagScan Pro fees. Just use the administration menu to send us a link to the web page where the banner is being displayed. Then, click on a banner of your choice and use the respective HTML code to integrate it. It's that easy!

Contact us at if you would prefer a customized banner with your own logo or text.

<a target="_blank" title="plagiarism checker software" href=""><img src="" alt="The image shows our cooperation with the online plagiarism detection service PlagScan" /></a>

To integrate the banner into your website, copy the HTML-code above and paste it into the desired position in the source code of a webpage.

Don't forget to use your PlagScan administration menu to enter a link to the website where the banner is being displayed. A PlagScan representative will contact you shortly thereafter to confirm, so that you can receive a 5% discount on your PlagScan Pro fee from then on.