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Our Refund Policy

  • We will provide a full refund within 14 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, before consuming your credit.

 Our Privacy Policy

  • We do not retain or store any credit card or billing information.
  • We will not sell your personal information to anyone at any time.
  • We will not use your personal information for marketing purposes or financial benefit.
  • Your documents are not accessible from anywhere but your own PlagScan account, without you agreeing formally to allow access.

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General Terms & Conditions

§1 Applicability

These terms are valid for any service delivered by PlagScan. Terms & conditions of a customer do not apply, unless something else is arranged.

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§2 Data protection

Uploaded documents or text (data) are stored on our servers and excerpts from them are anonymously compared to the internet an internal data bases by a search engine. The user does have full rights to delete documents from our servers and whether documents can be considered for other plagscan users' plagiarism analysis.

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§3 Personal Data

Protection of your personal data at census, processing and use on the occasion of your visit of our homepage is very important for us. Any personal data you pass to us in the course of using our services will be protected by the regulations of 'Bundesdatenschutz-Gesetz'. We also make sure that your address data is only handed on to a third party, if this serves the purpose of contract and invoice, respectively, or you agreed to the same explicitly. You have all discretionary rights necessary to withdraw your agreement from PlagScan with impact for the future.
Deletion of saved personal data occurs automatically, if you withdraw your agreement from storage, or if their knowledge is not necessary anymore for the purpose upon the agreement, or if storage is illegal by any lawful means and delete the same if instructed.
Upon written demand we will ungrudgingly inform you about your personal data we store and delete the same if instructed.

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§4 Security Advice

We are anxious to store your personal data by any technical and organizationally means such that they are inaccessible by third parties. Communication via email cannot assure complete data safety. Accordingly, we recommend regular mail for confidential information.

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§5 External Links

PlagScan does not take any responsibility for content of web pages beyond the domain plagscan.com. Especially, the automatically generated links are provided to you without direct or indirect guarantee and "AS IS" for inspection of particular information concerning plagiarism analysis.


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§6 Availability and Guarantees

The website, information and services are provided to our customers and interested parties "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" with any possibly present errors and without any guarantee either explicitly or implicitly including (but not restricted to) marketability, adequacy for a particular purpose, over-adequacy or non-existence of an infringement. 
PlagScan does not guarantee correctness or completeness of the supplied results. Those are mere indications and serve the reader as support, who eventually has to inspect the designated text passages regarding its true plagiarism level as well as to check undesignated passages for an assured result. PlagScan is an online service and as such dependent on infrastructure third party providers. Besides greatest diligence we cannot assure a permanent availability and freedom from defects. Especially, in case of disturbance or adjustment of third party developers we can give no guarantee for the accessibility of PlagScan. 
PlagScan is entitled to discontinue the availability of its services without previous announcement, if its reason is maintenance or improvement of the website, server, software or data bases. PlagScan will keep these breaks as little as possible and inform customers in time, as far as it is possible. 
In case of a contract violation by a customer or user PlagScan reserves the right to refuse further access of the customer or user to its services and to remove documents partially or completely from the data base.

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§7 Duration, dismissal and changes

You are entitled to cancel your order at PlagScan within 14 days by a written statement to the PlagScan GmbH. The right of withdrawal expires, as soon as you call upon a service from PlagScan. PlagScan is able to change terms and appointed prices ex parte. Those changes apply at the next contract extension or the next executed recharging of the user account. If terms are modified, customers gain the right to cancel. Cancellation though must be carried out not later than one month after announcement of the modified terms on the website. 
Accounts nobody logs in for 12 months will be deleted. 
If any of our service has to be abandoned for one or another reason, all customers will be informed as early as possible. A redemption of credit is transmitted, if customer information is less than 3 months on short notice before cancellation of the service. Already consumed credit cannot be repaid due to this reason.

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§8 Attribution

1.) When forwarding plagiarism reports you are not allowed to manipulate the results. Particularly, you shall not remove the reference of the report's creator, i.e. the PlagScan Logo is not to be removed. You are not granted any rights in any PlagScan Logo, trademark, or service mark, and you will not use any PlagScan Logo, trademark, or service mark without PlagScan's prior written approval. 
2.) You shall not issue a press release or other written public statement regarding these terms without PlagScan's written approval. PlagScan may publicly or otherwise list you as a user of PlagScan. 
3.) You understand and acknowledge that PlagScan is not certifying nor endorsing, and has no obligation to certify or endorse, any aspect of your Offering or your PlagScan usage.

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§9 User's rights and duties

1.) By completing registration to our services every user gets a personal account with associated user chosen name and password. 
2.) Any user is completely responsible for all activities originating from his account. Also any user does take responsibility for concealment of the accounts password and confidentiality. The user obligates oneself to report any illegitimate usage of the account or security infringement in written form or via email. 
3.) Before employing the service, users must make sure that he has the right to pass the respective text (data), in particular for the purpose of a plagiarism analysis. 
4.) The user obligates himself to employ PlagScan's services exclusively in the manner described by the present regulations and remarks. Especially, it applies not to upload data, which contains a virus and not to overload, damage, deactivate servers. Beyond that any attempts are prohibited to hack the website, ascertain passwords or by other means to get access to the service, accounts or any stored data.

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§10 Nonliabilities

For indirect loss or consequential loss or those caused by default, loss of data or immaterial loss, as well as for escaped profit, which are connected to the contract or result from usage or lacking usability of the service and data bases, PlagScan is only liable to customers if intent or gross negligence of persons in charge or executive staff of PlagScan caused it. In that case PlagScan is liable for maximally 100% of customer's quarterly costs or the maximal costs of a singular charging. Customers and users of our service are committed to self dependent data-backup. 
A plagiarism analysis can yield several results, but the final claim, whether it is about a true plagiarism delict, does rely on the user's judgment. 
PlagScan is not obliged to carry out contracts to the extent, where this is not possible due to a force majeure, that is circumstances PlagScan cannot influence as strike, blackout, telecommunicational disturbance, natural catastrophes, terror attack or war.

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§11 Court of Jurisdiction

This site is controlled and driven by PlagScan GmbH with its principal office in Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. PlagScan makes no representation that materials in the site are appropriate or available for use in other locations. Those who choose to access this Site from other locations do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local or national laws, if and to the extent local or national laws are applicable. Lawful clauses of the Federal Republic of Germany doe apply by disqualification of foreign law. Jurisdiction is Cologne, if the contract parties are merchants, juristic persons of public law or separate assets under public law.

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§12 Final Clause

If one or several regulations - also parts of them - of these terms are or become invalid or incomplete, this does not change the validity of the residual terms. In that case parties are to replace the defaulted term with an agreement that corresponds best to the dropped out term, unless the cause is a mere translational error from its German version to English. Accordingly, a professional translation of the corresponding German term is coming into effect.

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Appendix: Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. Google Analytics uses so called "cookies", text files, which are stored on your computer and enable an analysis of the usage of the website. Information produced by the cookie about the usage of this website (including your IP address) is transmitted to a server of Google in the US. Google uses this information to analyze your usage of this website, in order to create reports about website activity for the website provider and to adduce further services related to internet usage. Google may also transmit this data to a third party, if this may be lawfully mandatory or third parties process the data on account of Google. In no case Google will link your IP address to other data stored about you. You can prevent the installation of cookies by the settings of your browser software; this may cause some functionality of this website being unavailable for you.
By using this website you agree with the processing of your data Google adduces in the described way and for the named purpose.

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