4 Reasons to Choose PlagScan Pro

Safeguard Academic Integrity

Plagiarism is a serious problem at schools and endangers academic integrity. By introducing a plagiarism checker, you can identify plagiarism and reduce it. 


Save Time

Instead of spending hours on a manual plagiarism search, you can use PlagScan to check all your documents in three easy steps. Our algorithm automatically scans billions of texts – fast and reliably. Receive comprehensive plagiarism reports that display the results in detail.


Enhance your Workflow

You can easily integrate PlagScan into any Learning Management System (LMS) such as Moodle, Canvas and many others. Import your documents directly from Google Classrooms, Google Drive, Dropbox or your computer!



The PlagScan submission portal enables your students to submit their work directly to your PlagScan account. 

Share your reports with your colleagues or students. PlagScan's submission portal includes numerous features that support a collaborative work environment.


More Reasons to Love PlagScan Pro

The European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) considers PlagScan the best support tool for plagiarism detection concerning usability and rates it the best software for checking texts in the English language.

Read more about the ENAI study

Multiple report formats for different levels of investigation:

The PlagLevel for an initial indication of potential plagiarism within the document as a percentage.
A simple match list that displays matching sources.
An interactive report showing detailed results.
An exportable Word or PDF report you can store locally and share with other people.

Learn more about our plagiarism report

Result of the ENAI 2020 study for English sources

PlagScan Pro - Easy pricing

PlagScan Pro is designed for schools.

Our long-term experience with customers in the education sector has helped us develop the perfect solution for your needs, with many optional features to accommodate all your requirements.

Choose PlagScan Pro and help students to become better creative writers and thinkers!

We offer three different packages to accommodate your specific needs

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PlagScan Pro Submissions

Manage assignments hassle-free with our submission portal: 

  • Create submissions tailored to your needs
  • Organize your submissions with the individual plagiarism portal
  • Let your students submit their papers anonymously with a code
  • Collaborate with your peers if necessary

Visit our Submission Page for more information


Submission document Flowchart

PlagScan Pro User Administration

managing users with a structure

Set up multiple users: PlagScan provides you with the tools to create your tailored organization account. 

Here are your benefits: 

  • Import multiple users through a form, Excel or Single Sign-On (Shibboleth)
  • Create groups for each course
  • Customize the setting for each group
  • Send customized messages to your users directly via PlagScan 

Visit our Administration Page for more information


PlagScan Pro Integration

Integrate PlagScan into your Learning Management System and your workflow. 

Here are some of our most popular integration options:

  • LMS: Moodle & Schoolbox
  • LTI: Canvas, Schoology & Sakai

Our API enables integration with almost any LMS.

Visit our API page if you want to learn more about integration.

Some integrations possible with PlagScan are shown: Moodle, Schoology, Schoolbox, Canvas, LTI

Even without a learning management system everyone can get PlagScan up and running

Take a look at how you can introduce a self-explanatory process with little effort.


Use your own archive as a collaboration database

  • Upload all your documents (e.g., term papers) at once and detect when students copy older papers or each other’s work. Let them know about your use of a plagiarism detection tool to discourage them from plagiarizing.
  • Store your documents in your repository for future plagiarism checks.
  • Upload other relevant documents (like ebooks, presentations or specific journals) as potential sources of plagiarism.

Join the Plagiarism Prevention Pool to participate in a shared archive of documents from institutions worldwide. 

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Data protection is our top priority

PlagScan is based in Germany, where we also host our servers and develop our software.

We safeguard copyright and comply with the German Federal Data Protection Act. This means:

  • Deleted files are always completely removed.
  • We use encrypted document transmission for maximum security.
  • We never share your documents with third parties – your documents remain 100% yours.

If you are interested in learning more about our data protection policies, click here


PlagScan safeguards copyrights and acts in accordance to the Federal Data Protection Act

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