General Data

  • Change Logo

    1. Click on the Change button under 'Logo Preview'.
    2. Select your logo.
    3. Click on Save changes.
  • Individual Plagiarism Portal

    Create an individual plagiarism portal for your organization. You can organize your document submissions through the portal. We provide a default URL for your portal but you can:

    1. Change the URL by entering your preferred URL-ending into the textbox* in the 'Individual Plagiarism Portal' section.
    2. Click on Save changes.

    *Feel free to use an abbreviation of your organization. Just be aware of character limitations. 

  • PlagScan Banner

    You can place our banner on your website and receive a 5% discount! Just let us know the link to your website.

    1. Click on PlagScan Banner to open the proper dropdown menu.
    2. Open the Banner site in a new tab on your browser.
    3. Select the banner you want to display on your website.
    4. Copy the HTML code. This code is embeddable into your website.

    When that’s done, please send us your website link to receive the 5% discount:

    1. Copy the URL of the website that displays our PlagScan banner
    2. Click the area next to URL.
    3. Paste the copied URL.
    4. Test if the URL works and if the banner is actually visible on your website.
    5. Click on Save changes.
  • Contract information

    Here you can see your current contract period, your PlagScan contract type or how much credit (PlagPoints) you have left. The information displayed here depends on your contract type and may vary.