“Very accurate, even finds matches in our own documents. Immediate and helpful replies.” - Mrs. Maria Rosenda Lourdes P. Poligratis


Why did you decide for PlagScan?

As a private Roman Catholic institution, the Holy Angel University sets high values on honesty and academic integrity and offers many lucrative degrees in different areas of study. The university was pleased with PlagScan after a one-year trial, and has been extending the subscriptions ever since.

How is PlagScan used in your organization?

Holy Angel University uses PlagScan’s special net rate service, which was optimized toward the university’s individual needs. PlagScan checks submitted papers against online material, as well as former and simultaneously uploaded submissions. “The software eradicates plagiarism reliably and provides detailed reports”, said Maria Rosenda Lourdres P. Poligratis, head of the research and publications office. A remarkable asset for the university is the ability to even detect plagiarized content from different local dialects.

PlagScan answered directly to our needs

Poligratis said the university was satisfied with the generous flexibility of PlagScan. The institution employs a fair amount of similar templates, students are required to include in their work, which aggravated common plagiarism detection. Holy Angel needed additional processing changes within the software before centralizing the service. Aside from the PlagScan report rate, a special net rate has been determined. Hence, office assistants process submissions, based on the established regulations.

Why does Holy Angel University recommend PlagScan?

Holy Angel University recommends PlagScan to institutions, which have non-standard needs and has praised PlagScan for the “immediate and effective response to our inquiries and concerns”.