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Benefits of our ILIAS integration

Use PlagScan's plagiarism checking capabilities and all its features with one single login interface, your LMS, while maintaining full control over PlagScan settings.

Everyone wants a native and deep integration with their LMS. Our ILIAS integration enables you to integrate PlagScan natively into ILIAS. This way, all your assignments can be checked for plagiarism without the need of an external interface.

Your instructors and students have automatic access to their respective side of the PlagScan functionalities through your ILIAS instance. The integration is fully automatic and enhances your user experience while keeping your workflow simple.

Our user interface is directly integrated into your ILIAS interface as a new column. The instructor and student interfaces focus on the specific needs of both user groups.

Take a look at our ILIAS Brochure.


To integrate PlagScan in ILIAS you need a PlagScan Organization account and install the PlagScan plugin in your ILIAS instance.

  1. Sign up for a PlagScan Organization account.

  2. We recommend to create a git clone according to the ILIAS recommendations, to ensure future updates.

  3. Go to the project you want to integrate:

  4. Clone the project or download via the download button.

  5. Additional information or data required for the integration can be found on the API integration page of your PlagScan account.

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