PlagScan Banner

Let everyone know about your use of a plagiarism detection software and raise your own authenticity! You can easily place a PlagScan banner on your organization's website and additionally receive a 5% discount on your PlagScan Pro fees. Just send us the link to your website, on which the banner is being displayed, through your administration menu.

Click on a banner of your choice and use the respective html code to integrate it. Contact us at if you want a customized banner with your own logo or perhaps prefer a different banner text.

<a target="_blank" title="plagiarism checker software" href=""><img src="" alt="The image shows our cooperation with the online plagiarism detection service PlagScan" /></a>

To integrate the banner into a website, copy the .html-code above and paste it into the desired position of the site.

Don't forget to enter the link of the website, on which the banner is being displayed, in your PlagScan administration menu. A PlagScan representative will contact you shortly and you will receive a 5% discount off your PlagScan Pro fee from now on.