5 Reasons to Choose PlagScan Pro

Protect your Content

Ensure the originality of your content and identify copied texts. 


Time Saver

Instead of spending hours on a manual plagiarism search, you can use PlagScan to check all your documents in three easy steps. Our algorithm automatically scans billions of texts – fast and reliably. Receive comprehensive plagiarism reports that display the results in detail.


Integrate Seamlessly

You can easily integrate PlagScan into any Learning Management System (LMS) such as Moodle, Canvas and many others. Import your documents directly from Google Classrooms, Google Drive, Dropbox or your computer!



Plagiarism reports can be shared with your colleagues or directly with the authors for direct feedback.


Manage Effectively

Create unlimited sub-users and sub-departments. Customize your data policies and remain in full control over your document storage.

PlagScan Pro

All the power you need to check for duplicates of your content and copyright infringement

Our user-friendly interface enhances your workflow in no time. We provide different report typesmfor any use-case and investigation level.

Adapts to your workflow

  • Flexible upload options (e.g. directly from Google Drive or Dropbox)
  • Directly integrate PlagScan into your system (e.g. your CMS) via our API
  • Check web content seamlessly by entering URLs or uploading your .xml sitemap.
  • PlagSan maintains the highest data security standards
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PlagScan Pro Pricing

From the single website owner to massive content producers – We offer different pricing options that fit most of our customers. Pick the plan that suits your needs. If you are unsure about the options, feel free to contact us! We would be happy to assist you.


Data protection is our top priority

PlagScan’s headquarter is located in Germany, where we also host our servers and core software development. As a Germany-based company, we comply 100% with the Federal German Data Protection Act and strive to safeguard copyright. 

In particular, we have implemented the data security concept following the guidelines of BDSG§9 and added a separate data processing agreement regarding BDSG§11.

Your uploaded PlagScan documents will never be shared with unauthorized third parties.

When you delete a document (e.g., because you have already checked it for plagiarism) it will be deleted completely from our servers.

Do you want to know more about what we do to protect your data?

If it is of your interest, read more about our data protection policies

PlagScan safeguards copyrights and acts in accordance to the Federal Data Protection Act

Custom API Integration

Are you looking for a way to integrate PlagScan into your system? The recognized system integrations are not what you were looking for?  

No problem. Our fully-featured API allows you to integrate all PlagScan within your applications and system.

Find out more about PlagScan's product features and a detailed description in our API documentation.

Are you looking for an on-premises solution?

Integrate our plagiarism checker in your data center.

We are the only provider currently offering you the installation of our PlagScan plagiarism checker as an on-premises solution, locally on your server within your data processing center (private cloud).

With this solution, documents never leave the organization’s premises and your users can access the local PlagScan service via the intranet.

Read more about PlagScan-in-a-BOX, our hosted solution.

PlagScan Enterprise Solution

As an enterprise you are particularly looking for a strong partner, who can provide a reliable premium plagiarism search solution.

Visit PlagScan for Enterprise or Contact our Sales Team

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