Make working with PlagScan easy for your organization's use cases. Even without a Learning Management System you can enable your organization to check for plagiarism in student works! Here you learn what is possible:

Integrate PlagScan's plagiarism checking into your already existing system

You already use a Learning Management System (LMS) or Single SignOn like Shibboleth and want to integrate plagiarism checking. Read on in our manual for Single Sign-On - Shibboleth or go to the documentation for connecting to your Learning Management System.

Use Assignments for third party submissions

With PlagScan Assignments, your instructors receive a convenient method for collecting their students’ documents digitally. This can easily be done by uploading documents via an online portal by the students themselves. Intermediate steps such as submitting through emailed links and USB sticks become irrelevant. Instructors can decide when the plagiarism check is running, when the submission phase ends and if students get direct access to the results. Learn how to get started with Assignments here.

Students evaluate their own plagiarism reports

Empower students to evaluate their own work themselves. They can upload their own documents and check them for plagiarism themselves (but you ultimately decide on how much credit they can check for). You should read on under Alternative to Assignments: Students group with self-checks here.