Under Services, you will find all functionalities that are not activated by default or that are not required by every organization. For example, we list API plugins and integrations, but also a list of all documents in your repository.


In the repository, you see all the documents stored for collusion checking (internal plagiarism detection). Only you as an administrator have the ability to delete documents from the repository.


If you delete a document, it will also be deleted irrevocably from the account of the document owner.


PlagScan’s Assignments are a convenient method for instructors to collect their students’ documents digitally. This can easily be done by uploading documents via an online portal by the students themselves. Intermediate steps such as submitting through emailed links and USB sticks become irrelevant.

Get started with Assignments for your organization

There are different workflows we provide for how to work with Assignments in your organization. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for any case. Share them with your users, so they can find out how to create Assignments, how to invite Participants to an Assignment, and about any feature regarding Assignments:

Straight-forward submission of student work

Step-by-step manuals for any case:

Create your first Assignment

Add Participants to your Assignment

Actions on the Assignment details page

Participants and Submissions on the Assignment details page

Your Assignments overview page


Switch from the old submissions pop-up to the new Assignments page

If you are still using the outdated submissions popup, you can follow this manual to switch to the new Assignments (page)

We have a new version of this feature called Assignments!

The Submissions popup is deprecated, and we recommend you switching to Assignments until March 2020 (after that, we will no longer support the old popup interface).

Find out how you save time with the new Assignments.

Submission Administration

This is an overview interface of your individual plagiarism portal, the general notice, and all previous submissions.

  • Individual Plagiarism Portal

    See Access - Individual Plagiarism Portal.

  • General notice

    See Access - Submission - General notice.

  • Submissions / Assignments

    Here you can see detailed information on your organization’s submissions. More about submissions here. For more information about Assignments (the new version), please refer to the Assignments manuals.


You can switch a general notice on or off within your Plagiarism Portal.

  • Individual Plagiarism Portal

    Create an individual plagiarism portal for your organization. You can organize your document submissions through the portal. We provide a default URL for your portal but you can:

    1. Change the URL by entering your preferred URL-ending into the text box* in the 'Individual Plagiarism Portal' section.
    2. Click on Save changes.

    * Feel free to use an abbreviation of your organization. Just be aware of character limitations.

    Change Logo

    1. Click on the Change button under 'Logo Preview'.
    2. Select your logo.
    3. Click on Save changes.
  • Submission - General notice

    The general notice announces important information, such as legal regulations. This notice will be published on your PlagScan portal page and below each submission. You can either use the default text or enter an individual text to declare specific regulations you want your users to know.

    1. Click On to activate the General notice.
    2. Click Edit to change the text.
    3. Confirm changes by clicking on Save Changes
  • Single SignOn - Shibboleth

    You can integrate PlagScan with your existing user administration system, for example, active directory or LDAP: Our Single SignOn Solution is via Shibboleth (SAML V2), which is an open-source single sign-on system that has connectors to all the widely used directory services.

    It allows users to sign into different online systems (library, HR, LMS, plagiarism checking, etc.) using a single authentication and allows centralized administration of user accounts.

    PlagScan is a member of the DFN-AAI and EduGAIN federations as a service provider. If your organization is a member of a participating federation (check here) you can set up the integration immediately. Otherwise, contact us, so we can trust your certificate.

    What do I have to do on my Shibboleth identity provider to exchange data with PlagScan?
    Register the EntityID of PlagScan (https://www.plagscan.com) in your Identity Provider. Make the "email" Attribute available, plus potentially another attribute if you want to differentiate user groups (e.g. attribute eduPersonAffiliation to distinguish student and staff users).
    Finally, enter your "Address of Identity Provider", e.g. https://www.example.org/idp/shibboleth, into the PlagScan access configuration.

    Check out the documentation on the Shibboleth Wiki to learn more:


API Integration

To make PlagScan a part of your workflow, you can easily integrate it into Moodle, Canvas or another learning management system. We offer integration guides for different systems in our PlagScan API & Integration Documentation.