Create a Student group (Guest account) for Self-Signup

All students or guests of your organization who will participate in an Assignment should be added to this group. If your organization allows self-signup then this is the group that your students and guests should be added to when they register through an Assignment invite. Additionally, you could also add existing users to this group.

Create a Student group (with guest accounts), as follows:

  1. Click on Administration in the menu on the top right-hand side of the page.

  2. Click on Groups (Subdivisions) in the menu on the left-hand side.

  3. Click on the Add group button to open the Add group popup.

  4. In Group name type in a name for the group.

    Make sure the Group name is easy to identify for you later on, but not too cryptic. Students who move through the Self-Signup process will see the group name. We suggest ‘Students (Guest account)’ or similar.

  5. To create a Student group with guest accounts you can use the template we provide by selecting Student group (Guest account) in the Copy settings from dropdown.
    This will create a group where users can only submit documents for Assignments. They will not be able to upload documents independently of Assignments nor check any document for plagiarism themselves.

    The Assignment creator will be the owner of any uploaded documents for his Assignment. Students can view their own submitted document. Based on the Assignment settings, students may also be able to view, comment or edit the plagiarism report for their submitted document.

  6. To create this group click on the Create group button in the bottom right of the popup.

Next steps:

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