Enable Self-Signup into the strongly restricted Student group (with Guest accounts) for Submissions

By setting this policy the following way, you can enable students to self-signup into the strongly restricted Student group (with guest accounts).

  1. Click on Administration in the menu on the top right-hand side of the page.

  2. In the menu on the left-hand side click on Global policies.

  3. Click on User permissions in the top categories.

  4. Click on Assignment Submission Style.

  5. In the first select field, choose Submission requires a user account.
    As the name indicates, the user needs to be registered with PlagScan through your organization to be able to submit documents to Assignments.

  6. In the appearing second select field, choose Self-signup into Student group.
    With this option you can allow Instructors to invite students to self-signup for an account with PlagScan, if they do not already have one, just before they upload a document to an Assignment. In order to choose this option, you need a Student group (with Guest accounts).

If you do not have a Students group (Guest account) yet, and want to enable self-signup into that (strongly restricted) Students group, please read how to Create a Student group (Guest account) for Self-Signup here.