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Introducing Ouriginal: An Authoritative European Voice in the Fight Against Plagiarism
Ouriginal, September 2020

PAEB 2020: PlagScan successfully participating in the first ENAI conference taking place digitally.
PlagScan, April 2020

Social Distancing in times of COVID-19: How to make sure students still stick to standards of academic integrity and moral conduct.
PlagScan, April 2020

ICAI 2020: The quest of academic integrity in a globalized education landscape.
PlagScan, March 2020

ENAI report: PlagScan ranked as one of the top softwares for plagiarism detection worldwide.
PlagScan, February 2020

Schools need more support and money: While general government expenditure on education in OECD countries has remained almost the same, the demand for expensive technology and software for schools is increasing.
PlagScan, February 2020

OECD PISA Study Findings: Stagnating Educational Performance Might Not Be Due To Inefficient Teaching Methods, But Missing Time To Nurture And Foster Students’ Full Potential.
PlagScan, December 2019

Top 10 EdTech award: PlagScan Is Awarded One Of The Most Prestigious Business Accolades Of The EdTech Industry.
PlagScan, December 2019

From a few lines of code for a teacher to an intelligent software solution that wants to change the world's education landscape.
PlagScan, November 2019

Thousands of Journals Now Added to the Pool of Sources: Advanced Plagiarism Detection Against Additional Millions of Academic and Scientific Articles.
PlagScan, October 2019

Universidad Privada Juan Mejía Baca and PlagScan: Joining Forces in the Quest For Safeguarding Academic Integrity.
PlagScan, August 2019

PlagScan Integrates New Usage Statistics Feature: Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation of the Success of Anti-Plagiarism Measures in Education.
PlagScan, May 2019

As an advocate of academic integrity, PlagScan continues to develop its special plagiarism detection software for educational institutions.
PlagScan, April 2019

Statement on Published Plagiarism Percentage of Pedro Sánchez’ Doctoral Thesis.
PlagScan, September 2018

Articles about us

PlagScan is one of the most efficient plagiarism detection tools worldwide. Learn for yourself and read what existing customers say about us. 


Among 15 Solution Providers PlagScan Performed Best on a Set of English Documents

According to renowned researchers at the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) PlagScan is considered one of the most useful support tools for plagiarism detection concerning usability and “performed best on the English set” of documents among 15 software providers.

Tomáš Foltýnek et al.: Testing of Support Tools for Plagiarism Detection, February 2020

Result of the ENAI 2020 study for English sources

PlagScan - Upholding Academic Integrity

"(...) With these value-adds, PlagScan emerges as a jack of all trades in the academic integrity space, showcasing a multitude of functionalities designed to uphold the goal of the company— giving credit where it is due. It goes without saying that while there are plenty of plagiarism tools in existence, PlagScan offers a promising avenue to retain and enhance academic integrity, all the while focusing on the development of students as original writers and creative thinkers - and trying to establish fair and equal education standards worldwide."

Education Technology Insights, December 2019

PlagScan Winner - Top 10 EdTech Solution Providers in Europe - 2019 Logo

Making Life Difficult for Plagiarizers

"(...) the marketing manager at PlagScan adds: 'In the end, what we seek to do by making copying visible is to raise awareness and motivate students to think creatively so that they really do contribute new knowledge that will move society forward.' And it goes further by announcing a greater focus on cut-and-paste: 'The Author Metrics tool specifically analyses the author's writing style and verification.'"

El País, March 27 2020

El Pais Logo

"PlagScan is incredibly effective, without a doubt one of the best tools from its category."
EduTechReviews, June 2017


"One of the benefits is that users do not need to install any software as they can use the programme in any browser once they have access to the Internet."
German Sport University Cologne, May 2015


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