Source List

The source list provides you with an overview of all source-matches to potential plagiarism within your text.

You can jump chronologically from one match to the next by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. This way, you can navigate through the report efficiently.

Origin of Sources

You can find the following symbols at the top of your source list. These symbols help you to organize sources according to their origin.

We provide you with some different views of the plagiarism report:

 All Sources: Shows matches from all sources.

 Top three: Shows only the sources with the most matches.

 Internet Sources: Shows matches from all online sources.

 Publisher Sources: Shows matches from sources of cooperating publishers. (PlagScan PRO exclusive.)

 Own documents: Shows matches within your own documents.

 Organization Archive: Shows all matches within your organization.* (PlagScan PRO exclusive.)

 Plagiarism Prevention Pool: Shows matches within the Plagiarism Prevention Pool.

* You have to activate this option beforehand (see How to customize Settings for the Plagiarism Check under Data policy)

The Plus Sign 

The plus sign  indicates that PlagScan has found clones of a source (with the exact same match). PlagScan groups these clones and hides them initially.
Click the plus sign  to view the sources.

Highlight matches in source

Click on Highlight match in source in order to highlight the matches in the original document. The highlighted passage will be marked in a different color, which helps you find it quickly.

Use the  next match sign to highlight the next match.

To view exclusive sources, you need the original author's or publisher's permission.