The Plagiarism Report - A Quick Overview


PlagLevel: The PlagLevel indicates a percentage of potential plagiarism within your document.

A high PlagLevel doesn’t necessarily reflect plagiarism. Please examine the results and their sources to verify the end results. 

Plagbar: All suspected plagiarism passages are listed here. 

Source List

You can find all sources that have been matched with the potential plagiarized passages. Depending on the report results and settings, you will only see relevant symbols for your particular report.

Detailed information for the different types of sources can be found at The Plagiarism Report - Advanced Options > Origin of Sources

Document Interface 

The analyzed text is the focus of the plagiarism report. The format and all graphics remain unchanged if you use the Word document.

Use the arrow keys in the footer to browse through your document. For bigger documents you can also use the Plagbar to get to suspicious passages.

Increase or reduce the view of your document

The colored highlights refer to the sources of the source list.

Red: Exact matches with the sources.

Blue: Matches that might have been paraphrased. 

Green: Matches that PlagScan acknowledged as quotes.