Report - Quick Overview


You can configure your plagiarism check to customize your analysis results. In order to do this

  • go to Settings at the top right.
  • on the left, click on Plagiarism Checking.

Now you will see the sections you can change your configuration:

Data Policy

Decide which sources you want your document to be compared with.
More information about the Plagiarism Prevention Pool and data protection

Compare with web sources:
Your documents are checked against internet sources.

Check against my documents:
Your documents are checked against your previously uploaded documents.


The following options are only available to organization users.

Check against my documents in the organization repository:
Your documents are checked against your documents stored in the organization repository.

Check against organization repository:
Your documents are checked against all documents stored in the organization repository.

Plagiarism Prevention Tool:
Your document will be compared with a specific collection of open sources, published documents and other PlagScan customers’ archives.


Each organization has a repository for storing documents. This repository is embedded in the plagiarism prevention pool. If an organization opts for a private repository, it will be excluded from the Plagiarism Prevention Pool.

All data from participants of our Plagiarism Prevention Pool are absolutely secure - nobody has direct access to the full text, which is only available exclusively for the plagiarism check.

If you join our Plagiarism Prevention Pool, other users will not be able to see any of your documents completely. They will only see the location of the match. If other users want to see the complete document, they will need your explicit permission. You can grant permission after the other user contacts you through an anonymous email.


Choose the intensity of your analysis by selecting one of the following options:

PlagScan only runs a rough analysis.

A well-balanced medium setting (recommended).

All matches will be shown.



Decide whether the bibliography should be included in or excluded from the plagiarism check.


Please use the word bibliography in your document if you wish to use this feature.

Citation Detection

With Citation detection, you can select how PlagScan treats citations within the document. PlagScan can recognize direct quotes if quotation marks are properly used.

No detection: Quotes will be treated like the rest of the text and therefore marked as potential plagiarism.

Highlighting only: Quotes will be highlighted in a different color and also marked as potential plagiarism.

Reduce PlagLevel: Quotes will be highlighted in a different color and not be marked as potential plagiarism.


The PlagLevel indicates the percentage of potential plagiarism within your document.

Yellow PlagLevel: Your document includes a large amount of duplicated content.

Red PlagLevel: Your document includes a suspiciously high amount of similarities and should be examined further.


Use the Whitelist setting to exclude selected content from the plagiarism check. These can be, for example, websites, idioms, phrases or legislative texts.

Whitelist - URLs: Enter the specific URLs of websites you do not want to include in the plagiarism check.

Whitelist - URLs +: Enter the websites you want to exclude; this will also exclude other websites with the same content.

Whitelist - Phrases: Enter phrases you want to exclude from the plagiarism check. This also applies to idioms, sayings and passages of text.