PlagScan allows you to create several organization users at the same time. If you have a user table in digital form, you can upload it via a table file (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .ods from MS Excel and other spreadsheet programs).

Absolutely. PlagScan provides an Application Programming Interface (API), which allows you to integrate PlagScan's functionality into your existing system.
For example: After the student submits a document, the analysis automatically occurs in the background. When the teacher accesses the paper for grading, the annotated version would already be there. This way, possible plagiarism can be considered during the teacher's normal grading routine and no extra work is necessary.
Please have a look at our PlagScan API documentation.

Organization users can create assignments with deadlines and generate a submission code. With this code, third parties can upload their documents directly through the plagiarism portal to the user account. The organization user is then able to label the documents uploaded with a specific code to keep track of the uploads.

Among other functionalities, the submission manager can set deadlines, create notifications and restrict report sharing with the person, who submitted the work. Therefore, we recommend getting in touch with the submission manager to find out whether a setting was enabled with the submission that left you with no feedback.

The customized PlagScan portal is the individual access portal for your organization. All organization users log into this page and can see the administrator's notifications. Also, third party users like students and authors upload their documents to the account through the portal by using codes generated by the organization users (for a more detailed explanation click here). Third party users may also precheck their documents if granted by the organization.