First things first: Your documents are NEVER available on the public internet after you uploaded them to PlagScan. As a single user, nobody has access to the full-text of your documents as long as you don't explicitly share your plagiarism reports. Here is a list of how your document can serve as a source for others, based on the respective setting (again, NOT sharing full-text).

  Internet User database Organization database Plagiarism Prevention Pool
Compare with web sources never - - -
Check against my documents never + - -
Share with my organization never + + -
Become part of the Plagiarism Prevention Pool never + + +

PlagScan uses an encrypted document transfer (256-bit SSL via https) for maximum security. If you like to activate encryption prior to logging in, select Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the protocol that enables this safe data transfer via the internet. The SSL protocol makes sure that sensitive data such as credit card information, cannot be read or manipulated. It also constitutes the identity of an internet page. Many browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and others support SSL. SSL is indicated by a lock icon within your browser. The position of this icon may vary based on which browser you are using.

Your personal data is never sold or passed on to anybody by PlagScan or our business associates.