1. Make sure you use the right login:

  • Username and password if you created an account
  • Social-media logins (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook)

2. If you forgot your password:

  • Go to the Login page and click on Request a new password.
  • You will get an email with your new password.
  • Make sure to change your password (in your account settings) to something you can remember.

You can find a list of organizations using PlagScan for plagiarism searches in our Success Stories.

When signing in to your PlagScan account, you will find a button saying Add credit in the upper left-hand corner. Select the package that is most suitable for your needs and choose a payment method. Then finish the transaction. Depending on the method of payment, you will automatically receive your PlagPoints within a time frame ranging from 5 minutes to 3 days.

After your registration, we send a confirmation email to your email address.

Click on the confirmation link to activate your test credits.

If you have already clicked the link, please read the FAQ I haven't received my test credits after registering and confirming the email.

A PlagPoint (PP) PlagPoints is one credit point of PlagScan's credit system. 1 PP allows the analysis of up to 100 words (1-100 words = 1 point, 101-200 words = 2 points, 201-300 words = 3 points, etc.). You can buy packages of different sizes to suit your scope of analysis.

You can use the function auto-refill on your billing section in your administration area to refill your credits before the end of the month or your subscription period. Our system will start the new month immediately: Your credits will be recharged and the validity of the credits will be updated automatically.

You can find all your invoices in the billing section of your account at www.plagscan.com/billing after you have logged in. Please note that this overview is only available to organization users. Single users receive their receipts by email after purchase.