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The Submissions popup is deprecated, and we recommend you switching to Assignments until March 2020 (after that, we will no longer support the old popup interface).

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How to create your first submission

What is a submission?

If you want third parties (e.g. your students) to be able to submit their documents directly to your PlagScan account - eliminating the need to send emails or carry USB sticks - you should use our submission portal. There you can create submissions with your preferred parameters, and others can then upload their documents (e.g. assignments) to your account via a specific link.

Other people can directly submit the documents through the Individual Plagiarism Portal of your organization.

How can I set up my submission?

  1. Login to your user account.
  2. Click on the upper-right corner of Documents.
  3. Click on Submissions on the left-hand menu.
  4. Click on Create new submission.

If you do not find the option for Submissions in Documents -  Projects, contact your administrator. If you are the administrator, you need to create your Individual Plagiarism Portal first. The feature Submissions comes out of the box with the Portal. Read how to set up your own Plagiarism Portal here.

Fill the text fields in the newly appearing popup window:

Enter the title of your submission. It will be used as the headline on the upload page. (e.g. Homework Class 12)
Create a label to combine documents. This option is useful if you are creating multiple submissions at a time. Labels can be used to filter your documents later.
Deadline (optional):
You can set a deadline (date, time). If you do, no documents can be submitted after that deadline. To do this, click on No deadline.
Note to uploader:
Enter instructions or messages for the uploaders if needed.
Share results:
Indicate if the uploader should also be able to see the report. If so, he will get an email with the report after the deadline (if set) has passed, or after the analysis is finished.
In order to receive their reports, uploaders have to leave their email address when submitting a document.

Show advanced options:

Automatically analyze at deadline:
Starts the analysis of the documents as soon as the deadline has passed.
Send summary email at deadline:
This option notifies you about the deadline for your submission. It includes the paper title as well as the first and last name of each submission.
Allow updates to submission:
Enables the submitter to upload another file to replace the first one.
Max. number of total uploads:
Restrict the total number of uploads in your submission. By default, this is set to ‘Unlimited’. Click on Unlimited to set a maximum number.
Share this submission with another user, subdivision, or your organization. You can decide whether the person you share the submission with can edit or only view the reports.

Set first and second deadline:

  • The first deadline is the official deadline for each paper
  • The second deadline is a deadline, in which you still accept late papers. We give you a suggestion for this new deadline or you can customize it.

Submission template:

By clicking “remember my settings,” you create a template we save for you. Next time you create a submission, your settings are automatically uploaded.

What does the submitter have to do?

Please take a look at the following link for more information on how the submitter can upload their document.