1. Log in to PlagScan.

  2. In the left-hand menu, click on Assignment.

    If you do not see ‘Assignments’ there, please ask your PlagScan administrator for help. You can find a link to their email in the right lower corner of your screen in Document check.

  3. Click on New Assignment.

  4. Enter a Title for your Assignment. It will be used as the headline on the upload page (e.g. Homework Class 12).

  5. Create a new Label or choose an existing one (select the Label field to see label options, and start typing to filter the list of shown labels.). To create a new label, type something and hit enter, or tab on your keyboard.

    Once you have picked a label for the Assignment, all submitted documents will be labeled with it. Later, in your documents list (under Document check in the left-hand menu), that label can be used for filtering. You will then be able to view only the documents submitted to the Assignment with the respective label.

  6. Set a Deadline to limit the submission time for your Assignment. After the submission deadline, uploads will no longer be allowed and an informative message at the top of the submission page is shown.

    If you want to Allow submissions after deadline, click the checkbox and choose for how long after the first deadline the Assignment should stay open for submissions: For 1 hour, For 1 day or Choose a date and time.

  7. Upload your Instructions. Participants will be able to see the file you have uploaded on the top of their submission page. By default, the content from this file will be highlighted as citations (green) in the plagiarism report. If you want the content to be highlighted as exact match (red), check the checkbox directly below the upload field.

  8. Additional Instructions: Any additional instructions or messages can be put in this field. The participants will see this message on the top of the submission page.

  9. Remember my settings: You have set up the perfect Assignment and want to keep these settings and options when creating the next one, then enable this. It will save your settings and apply them to your next Assignment automatically. This is a real time saver if you have multiple Assignments to plan: If you choose a deadline of 4 weeks for the first Assignment and enable 'Remember my settings' the deadline of any new Assignment created after that will also automatically set its deadline to 4 weeks since its creation.

    If you want to invite the same participants again, it might be faster to duplicate the Assignment.

  10. Check out Advanced Options if you are interested in any of the following choices:

    • Email notifications:

      1. Send plagiarism report to participants:

        1. Your participants will receive an email with a link to the report after the plagiarism check is done.

        2. You can choose between view, comment and edit permission for their reports. We recommend the comment option for collaboration and teaching of citation rules and writing techniques.

      2. Send a summary report to me: If this option is selected then you will receive a summary at the deadline, for all the reports generated in this Assignment. You can uncheck this option if you do not wish to receive a summary at the end of the deadline.

    • Under Uploads you can choose to:

      1. Allow participants to replace submitted documents - enable this if you only want to track the latest version of a document per participant.

      2. Do not flag the same participant's content across multiple submission attempts - this is helpful if you expect participants to submit different drafts to the same assigment. The plagiarism report won’t include matches from previous submission attempts in the same Assignment from the same student.

      3. Exclude all documents submitted for this Assignment from the repository - enable this if you expect drafts or ‘smaller’ homework to get submitted and are certain that those should not be moved to the organization repository.

      4. Limit the number of uploads per participant: Control the number of submission attempts per participant using this option. If the limit for example, is set to ‘2', participants can submit two different documents. On a third attempt to submit, participants will see the message 'The submission has reached the maximum number of uploads allowed’ and the form will prevent participants from uploading a third time. If Allow participants to replace submitted documents is enabled, all previously submitted documents can be replaced, independent of how many documents are allowed to get uploaded per participant.

    • Under how should the documents be analyzed you can:

      1. Analyze each file manually: Use this option if you want to manually start plagiarism checks for individual documents.

      2. Analyze each file on upload: This is very helpful if you do not want to use a deadline but do not want to check all submitted files manually either.

        Important: the activation of Analyze each file on upload does not analyze any previously uploaded documents of this Assignment.

      3. Analyze on deadline: Automate the start of the plagiarism analysis - set up the Assignment, invite participants or share the link and relax. The check will automatically start after the deadline (or after the extended deadline, if you have set one up - see 6. Set a deadline).