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The Submissions popup is deprecated and we recommend you switching to Assignments until March 2020 (after that, we will no longer support the old popup interface).

Find out how you save time with the new Assignments.

Directly Contact your Students via the Individual Submissions Portal


Manage submitted documents through the PlagScan Submissions Portal and optimize workflows.


7 reasons that make our submission portal special

Submission document Flowchart


Help students to take on more responsibility: Have them upload their work themselves and give them the opportunity to view the plagiarism report, learn from it, and if need be, to submit documents again.



Work for fairness and enable equal opportunities in education. A central plagiarism check is a basic component to achieve:

  • Centralized quality control guidelines which define good work.
  • An equal standard that applies to every student, regardless of their background.


Each task depends on the type of teaching assignment. Whether working on a paper, bachelor's, or master's thesis, one can adapt our software individually and flexibly to different specifications. Define the deadlines that students have to meet, give them help with notes, or let them check their documents before they submit. Learn more about other customization options here.



All documents are automatically reviewed and all submitted works are effortlessly analyzed when the deadline passes. The plagiarism check runs in the background and the instructor receives the plagiarism report as soon as the analysis has completed. Alternatively, documents can be analyzed immediately after uploading. Students also have the option to receive the report for self-checking.


Sometimes it may be important to review one's own judgement and the opinion of a colleague is advantageous. Therefore, one can give third parties individual access to uploaded documents as required. With different access rights, retain control over what others are allowed to do.



All submissions are clearly displayed on one page in the portal. Choose whether to be informed by email on the deadline. To create more transparency for pupils, a plagiarism report can also be sent to them. Define what should happen after submission and whether students should receive a confirmation and the report results by email.


The assignments are personal and only used for the assessment of the students. They are submitted with a code provided by the instructor: this code is generated by the creation of the assignment.


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