James Remains Connected with his Students Through Submissions

James had always been passionate about poetry. Eventually, he became a professor of literature.

In his workflow, James opted for a submission portal for hassle-free management of assignments. 


7 reasons that make our submission portal special

Submission document Flowchart


James wants his students to take responsibility for their work. Therefore, he lets them see and analyze their reports and gives them the opportunity to correct their papers or resubmit new ones.



James is an advocate of fairness - he supports equal education and opportunities regardless of a student's background. According to him, a central plagiarism checker is part of the puzzle to achieve this goal in terms of: 

  • The same guidelines in terms of paper quality
  • A standard to apply to every student


James teaches undergraduate and graduate students. Each assignment is different and the software has to allow him to account for that. He sets distinctive deadlines, which students need to meet. Other times, he writes his students a note that helps them to double-check their work before submitting it. Discover more options for customization here.



James analyzes all papers effortlessly as he schedules automatic checks after the deadline. With this feature, the plagiarism check is running in the background and he receives the reports after the deadline. For individual cases, he chooses to immediately check the document after the upload and receives the plagiarism report as fast as possible for himself to review – and optionally also for his students to check for themselves.


Sometimes, James needs his colleagues' opinion in case of doubt about a final. He gives them access to the uploaded files with different accessing rights if required.



James sees a summary of all submissions on his account and he chooses to be informed about the details of each submission in his inbox at the deadline. As he likes a clear communication with his students, they all receive their plagiarism report. When the students submit their papers, they can receive their results per email and a confirmation of their submission. 


The assignments are personal and only used for the assessment of his students. They are handing them over with a code provided by James: this code is generated by the creation of the assignment.


James was commended for encouraging his students to trust their own writing abilities instead of copying.

He was contacted by the dean's assistant, as the faculty was looking for a plagiarism checker.
In fact, they decided to offer the service to all professors and students of the faculty.


For that, they needed to create a new structure suiting everyone.

On our next page, you will learn how they achieved building this structure in three simple steps.



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