• Add Group

    1. Click on Group in the left menu.
    2. Click on Add Group.
    3. Enter a name for your group.
    4. Select a user to become admin of the group.*
    5. Optionally select from the drop down menu under "Copy settings from (optional)" a suitable template.
    6. Confirm your selection.


    *PlagScan automatically suggests users from your user list.

  • Overview of Groups

    This list will provide you with an overview of all groups created for your organization.

    Group Name:
    Name of the Group.
    Group Admin:
    The administrator’s username or first and last name.
    Number of Users:
    The number of users assigned to this subdivision.
    PP Used:
    The number of PlagPoints used by the group.
  • Edit Group

    1. Select the group you want to edit.
    2. Make the desired name/administrative changes to the group. Only previously created users can be chosen as admins of a group, and they can only be admins for one group each. As the administrator of the organization, you cannot simultaneously be a group administrator.
    3. Change the settings allowed by the organization. Bear in mind that this configuration is influenced by the options selected at the organizational level. The group-administrator can reset the changed options to the organization’s default by clicking on the reset button.
    4. Confirm changes by clicking the blue Change Group button.
  • Delete group

    1. Select the group you want to delete.
    2. Press the red Delete button.
    3. Confirm the deletion.
  • Assign User to group

    As an administrator, you are able to assign users to subdivisions.

    1. Go to Users in the left-hand menu.
    2. Select the users by clicking on their usernames or the checkbox to their left.
    3. Click in the select field (next to the Assign Group button) over the table, and choose a group.*
    4. Click on Assign Group next to the select field.


    * You can select any group you have previously created.