You can either view your plagiarism reports directly with a browser, or you can download them as .pdf files. The MS Word .docx report is particularly useful, since plagiarism findings are annotated directly within the Word document.

PlagScan highlights matches between documents directly in your document as well as in the sources. We provide you with different kinds of plagiarism reports:

  • PlagLevel - The most basic report type. The PlagLevel is a percentage that indicates what proportion of your text has been found in other documents.
  • Interactive online report - Viewable directly in the browser. You can interactively jump to all matches and potential sources. You can edit and comment the report, save your work, and share it with your colleagues.
  • List report - A summary, where all matches are listed by sources.
  • .docx report - Highlights matches directly in the text by generating an MS Word Document with the plagiarized content highlighted (currently this option is only available for documents with less than 10 MB and no more than 100,000 words).

Yes. Simply select the desired documents and press check at the upper right corner. You can also select all documents with the same label at once. Your documents will always be checked one at a time in order to account for collusion. For uploads containing several documents, PlagScan waits with the start of the first plagiarism analysis until each document upload has been completed and is available in the database.