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    How does Plagscan indicate plagiarism?

    The special feature of PlagScan is that it marks plagiarism directly in the text by generating a MS Word Document with the plagiarized content highlighted (currently this option is only available for documents with less than 10MB and no more than 100.000 words). You can view your plagiarism reports directly witin your browser.
    Additionally, you receieve a summary of any plagiarism matches in the document. This summary lists sources that were plagiarized and a percentage indidcating the extent of similarity between source and document.

    What kind of reports can I receive?

    You can view your plagiarism report directly in the browser or download them as a .pdf. Particularly useful is the Word docx report, where plagiarism findings are annotated directly within the MS Word document.

    Does PlagScan check for documents other than those on the internet? Does it account for collusion?

    Aside from the internet, PlagScan also searches internal databases for possible plagiarism. Those databases are established by the user, i.e. documents the user has uploaded, documents your organization has enabled for comparison, and documents voluntarily added to the Plagiarism Prevention Pool by all other PlagScan users globally.

    Can I upload several documents at once?

    If you have installed and activated Adobe Flash for your browser, you can very easily upload several documents by holding the CTRL-Key while selecting the documents you wish to upload. Additionally, you can upload .zip-archives. Documents within the .zip-archive will autmoatically be labeled according to the .zip-archive name. In order to see those labels activate the advanced user interface within the settings.

    Can I check several documents in parallel?

    Yes. Simply select the desired documents and press check on the right upper corner. You can, for example, select all documents with the same label at once. Your documents will always be checked one at a time in order to account for collusion. For uploads containing several documents, PlagScan waits until each document has been completed and is available in the database.

    Will the analysis of my documents continue when I close my internet browser?

    Yes, checks continue on the server. If you have activated the email notification option, you are automatically informed about the results upon completion.

    Isn't your service the same as if I enter my text in Google/Yahoo search to find plagiarism?

    No! PlagScan offers far more than that. We check with online as well as internal databases, in particular everything you or your organization has uploaded. We also scan parts of sentences. PlagScan provides a quick and systematic check of entire documents, not only parts of a document that are suspicious.

    Can I check different versions of a document?

    Yes, but you should adjust your data policy within the settings, in order to only check for web sources. You can also delete any older versions of the document you have, since it would otherwise be listed as a possible source. This would lead to false-positive detections and a confusing report.

    Who has access to my PlagScan documents?

    First things first: Your documents are NEVER available on the public internet after you uploaded them to PlagScan. As a single user nobody has access to the full-text of your documents as long as you don't actively share your plagiarism reports.

    Internet User database Organization database Plagiarism Prevention Pool
    Compare with web sources
    Check against my documents
    Share with my organization
    Become part of the Plagiarism Prevention Pool

    Can I accidentally plagiarize myself?

    The only entity of your document is the one you uploaded yourself. As soon as you delete a document, no plagiarism check can use it for comparison. The only possibility to plagiarize yourself using PlagScan is, if you upload a document (or slightly modified versions of it) several times.

    Does PlagScan employ a safe data transfer?

    PlagScan uses an encrypted document transfer (128/256bit SSL via https) for maximum security. If you like to activate encryption prior to logging in, select https://www.plagscan.com. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the protocol that enables this safe data transfer via the internet. The SSL protocol makes sure that sensitive data such as credit card information, cannot be read or manipulated. It also constitutes the identity of an internet page. Many browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and others support SSL. SSL is indicated by a lock icon within your browser. The position of this icon may vary based on which browser you are using.

    What do you do with my personal data?

    Your personal data is never sold or passed on to anybody by PlagScan or our business associates.

    Does an organization get an individual access to PlagScan?

    The PlagScan portal is the access site of your organization. On the PlagScan portal, the administrator can display notifications that contain personalized codes so that third parties (students/ authors) may check documents for themselves or upload them to organization accounts (for a detailed explanation see the following questions).

    How can we add a lot of users at the same time?

    PlagScan allows you to create several organization users at the same time. If you have a user table in digital form, you can upload it via a table file (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .ods from MS Excel and other spreadsheet programs).

    May third parties (students/ authors) directly upload their documents?.

    Organization users can create assignments with deadlines, and receive a submission code. With this code, third parties can upload their documents directly through the plagiarism portal to the user's account. The organization user is then able to label the documents uploaded with a specific code, in order to keep track of the uploads.

    Which organizations already use PlagScan as plagiarism checker?

    Can we we integrate the PlagScan service into our software (e.g. Teaching/Learning management systems)?

    Absolutely. PlagScan provides an Application Programming Interface (API), which allows you to integrate PlagScan functionality in your existing system.
    For example: After the student submits a document, analysis takes place in the background. When the teacher accesses the paper for grading, the annotated version is already present. That way possible plagiarism can be considered during the teacher's normal grading routine and no extra work is necessary.
    Please have a look at our PlagScan API documentation.

    I do not have access to Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013. Is it still possible to use the Work docx-reports?

    If you are using an older version of Microsoft Word, please consider installing Microsoft's update, making older Word versions fully docx document compatible.

    Is it possible to check text in any language or is PlagScan limited to English text only?

    PlagScan can process any language. Plagiarism scanning works for any language that uses international UTF-8 encoding. This means that text of any language containing Latin, Arabic or Cyrillic characters can be checked for plagiarism.

    Document analysis/upload takes far too long, do I have to re-upload the file?

    During peak hours with very high server load, documents may not be processed for quite some time. We apologize in advance and ask that you check back the next day. If uploading and analysis is still not done, please contact us directly.

    PlagScan is called an online-service. How does that make it different from stereotypical software products?

    In order to use PlagScan, you don't need to install anything on your computer. All you need to use it is an internet browser and an internet connection. PlagScan is alwaays up-to-date with the latest version- there are no annoying updates necessary. In addition, you can set up user accounts for teachers and colleagues from a single administrator account. Together with the strict data security measures we employ, an online-service is more customer friendly solution than a typical software license.

    Does PlagScan only search HTML content from websites?

    No. PlagScan also searches .pdf and other document files (see next question) which are accessible online. Optionally, your text is compared with documents in our Plagiarism Prevention Pool in addition to billions of online sources.

    I receive documents in many different formats, which I would like to check for plagiarism. Do I have to convert them first to a specific format or is PlagScan capable of scanning different formats?

    We support all popular text formats, as well as ZIP archives of text documents. Depending on the format, a minor change in the original formatting may occur. PlagScan supports the following text formats:

    Supported text formats

    Preferred format Formatting will be preserved
    docx - Best result for the word report Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013/2016 [.docx]
    pdf - Best result for the browser report Portable Document Format (Adobe Acrobat) [.pdf]
    Other possible formats Conversion to .docx, some formatting might be lost
    doc Microsoft Word 97/2000/2003/XP [.doc]
    txt Plain Text [.txt]
    html HTML Document [.html]
    ppt Microsoft Powerpoint [.ppt]
    doc6 Microsoft Word 6.0 [.doc]
    doc95 Microsoft Word 95 [.doc]
    wps Microsoft Works [.wps]
    wpd WordPerfect [.wpd]
    odt Open Document Text (LibreOffice) [.odt]
    ott Open Document Text [.ott]
    rtf Rich Text Format [.rtf]
    sdw StarWriter 5.0 [.sdw]
    sdw4 StarWriter 4.0 [.sdw]
    sdw3 StarWriter 3.0 [.sdw]
    sxw OpenOffice.org 1.0 Text Document [.sxw]
    Supported formats Formatting will be lost
    xlsx Microsoft Excel [.xlsx]
    xls Microsoft Excel [.xls]
    pptx Microsoft Powerpoint [.pptx]
    docbook DocBook [.xml]
    ooxml Microsoft Office Open XML [.xml]
    pdb AportisDoc (Palm) [.pdb]
    latex LaTeX 2e [.ltx]
    pages Pages for MAC (Apple iWork) [.pages]
    numbers Numbers for MAC (Apple iWork) [.numbers]
    key Key for MAC (Apple iWork) [.key]
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To welcome you to PlagScan you immediately get 20 free PlagPoints (2000 words) via email to be used as credit for checking documents.
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